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Welcome to Wreaths on Dogwood!                                                                                                       Updated 1/27/2019

     I'm so glad you stopped by.  Making wreaths has always been a passion of mine but, as life got busy, my wreath making went by the wayside.  Back in the Fall of    2017, I was home while my husband was hunting and I was scrolling through Facebook.  A live video of a young man making a wreath popped up.  I watched it for a while and he was making a gorgeous Christmas wreath and was visiting with his viewers like they were sitting in the room with him.

     Watching him made me realize how much I had missed making wreaths.  As the young man, who I now know as Damon Oates, completed his wreath and shared he would be back the next night making a swag. I continued to watch his videos over the weekend and I was hooked!  I joined his group to learn new techniques and styles of creating beautiful wreaths, swags, centerpieces and home decor. Even though the process was delayed shortly due to now resolved health issues,  Christmas was on the way and  I was so excited  for  my hobby of wreath making to quickly become "front  & center". 

     Since that weekend, Damon has become my instructor for creating new designs and also my business coach and mentor.  I've opened an Etsy online store to sell my creations,  created a business Facebook page and I    have created  my own website!!    All of this, I've l earned from  Damon.  I would never have thought to do this or even begin to know how.  My computer skills are still a work in progress, as is my website but, I am working on  stocking my store with a large variety of handmade, home  decor you will be happy to display in your home or office and to give as gifts.  If    you have a certain color or theme you would like to be included in your creation,    just let me know.  I will be glad to make it to your satisfaction but, I do request free liberty with the design.

     Once again,  my business has been on hold for the last four months as I had  several medical procedures to take go through.  It's now the end of January, and I am feeling better than ever and I'm creating  beautiful wreaths again.  Lately, I have been filling custom orders faster than I can get  pieces made  and  listed on Etsy.   I  do hope you will check back often to see what has been added to my site, Etsy shop and also visit my Facebook page.  Please feel free to like my page and to share it with your friends.  By doing this and watching  me when I go live on Facebook to work on different projects, you  will help me grow my business.  You are so appreciated!

     Enjoy browsing around,

     Tommie Moyers

     Designer and Business Builder

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